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Did you know that under your commercial property exists a source of free, renewable energy that is available 365 days a year? A geothermal heat pump system is a highly efficient renewable energy technology that uses the temperature of the earth beneath the Earth’s surface to provide energy for heating and cooling.


commercial geothermal contractor eugene
A geothermal system can be installed just about anywhere in Oregon all year round, since the temperature under the surface of the earth remains fairly constant.

Although geothermal may not be familiar to you yet, it is a proven, reliable and efficient technology. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that geothermal systems are the most energy efficient way to heat and cool a building.

The principle is pretty simple. In the summer, a geothermal heat pump acts as a heat sink and transfers heat from your building into the earth or into groundwater. In the winter, it acts as a heat source by transferring heat that is stored in the earth or in the groundwater into your building.


More reasons to consider geothermal for your business or commercial organization:

  • Geothermal heat pumps can reduce energy consumption up to 44% compared to standard heat pumps and up to 72% compared to electrical heating with standard A/C equipment.
  • Geothermal systems can save 40% to 70% on heating and 30% to 50% on cooling costs over stwandard systems.
  • The lifespan of a geothermal system is longer than conventional heating and cooling systems.
  • Commercial systems maintenance costs in the US have historically been much less than the average for conventional HVAC systems

There are vast amounts of FREE thermal energy that can be collected both from the earth and from your commercial building which will realize and excellent return on your investment for years to come.

So call Oregon Hydronics Heating & Air today to for a free geothermal heating and cooling estimate from one of our highly skilled geothermal experts!

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